Thursday, 05 June 2014 08:15


E-volunteering is closer, than you may thought: you're watching it!


The Discover e-volunteering competition website was translated by our great e-volunteers. Karolina, Katarzyna, Paweł oraz  Studenckie Biuro Tłumaczen UJ - THANK you! 


The website is available in 6 languages now, but we’re open to any other translations!


Would you like to translate the competition website into your national language? Great! You can download texts from below and contact us, or just register on and fulfil  e-volunteering microtasks called "Translation of the Discover e-volunteering competition website" :)


It is really easy - texts are pretty short: from 900 to 2500 characters, and the advantage of having the competition website in your national language is priceless - thanks to you it can be accessible for everyone in your country!


Text part 1

Text part 2

Text part 3

Text part 4

Text part 5


Are you in? :)



About the Good Network


A social media platform for activists: organizations (e.g. NGOs, non-profits), institutions, informal groups and all those active people who wants to change the WWWorld for the better. It consists of two parts: Community, where users can create their profiles, add friends, posts, photos, and other facilities, well known from other social media and E-volunteering - part allowing online cooperation with e-volunteers from the whole Europe. And it's for free, of course!









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