Monday, 09 June 2014 09:31


Are you an active Internet user who spends few hours a week on-line? Have you got any knowledge and skills (and you have to know that everyone of us has got some knowledge and skills) that can be useful for others? 

Would you like to do something good for others instead of visiting social media only?

Would you like to learn something new, meet new people and change the WWWorld?

Or maybe you organize a social project and need a hand?

If so, you are in a good place - Good Network is for people like you! is a social media platform for activists: organizations (e.g. NGOs, non-profits), institutions, informal groups and all those active people who wants to change the WWWorld for the better.


It consists of two parts:

Community, where users can create their profiles, add friends, posts, photos, and other facilities, well known from other social media

and E-volunteering - part allowing online cooperation with e-volunteers from the whole Europe.


And it's for free, of course!


There’s no need to wait – register now!


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