Friday, 06 June 2014 14:31


Did you know that you can do some good for others during the lunch break or on your way home?

It only takes:

your enthusiasm + Internet connection + NGO/individuals you want to help



HorsesMouth, the UK based online coaching and mentoring network uses wise saying:


Someone knows what you need. Someone needs what you know.


So true! Every one of us has got knowledge that can be useful for others. And thanks to the power of the Internet it is quite easy to access people in need and to share our wisdom. And if you do it via the Internet in a non-paid way, it an e-volunteering!


Corporate e-volunteering – even for those busy ones

Corporate e-volunteering means tasks undertaken by employees via the Internet in a voluntary and non-paid way. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays – companies incorporate e-volunteering into their CSR programs, because of the flexibility of e-volunteering tasks: they can be fulfilled in a place and time that is up to the employee – they can e-volunteer during the lunch break or on their way home.  


Let’s practice!

Would you like to find out, how is it to be an e-volunteer? Create your Employee-Professional profile on the Good Network and support NGOs in fulfilling tasks!


Share your ideas and win a grant!

We bet there are many NGOs your company cooperates with. Maybe you’ve got in mind an idea for a project in which you and other employees can cooperate with an NGO via the Internet? If so, submit it to our competition! :)



Next week in the Corporate E-volunteering Friday we’ll tell you more about great example of corporate e-volunteering that comes from Czech Replblic.

Do you know who we’ve got in mind? :)



Ps. Picture taken during the 'Discover e-volunteering. Change the WWWorld' Conference'. The workshop "Partnership (NGO & Companies): Barriers to collaboration and how to overcome them maximizing the impact of employee volunteering" was moderated by Sinead Lawler (Business in the Community). THANK YOU Sinead! :)

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