Friday, 13 June 2014 06:36

Corporate E-volunteering: Um Sem Um Tam

Employees are too busy to volunteer. Nonsense! If you'll ever hear someone's saying such things, you should definitely tell them about e-volunteering, that works!


The great example comes from Czech Republic - project Um Sem Um Tam, organized by our European Partner.


UmSemUmTam is a  web platform through which non-profit organizations and skilled professionals can be connected for short-term voluntary cooperation on specific project. Description of a project states precisely what a volunteer is supposed to do, what professional skills are required and how much time the work is estimated to take. Each registered professional has a public profile page, which displays how many projects the volunteer has worked on and how many hours of voluntary work he has provided. A public profile page can also be created for a company to show how many hours the employees of the company have provided. The goal of ‘Um sem um tam’ is to fill in the gap and make it possible for non-profit organizations to find volunteers with required skills and to show people with professional skills that they can also be used for voluntary work. Website:


But you know what? Nothing's better than practice! If you want to try yourself in being e-volunteer, just register on the and support NGOs with your skills.

Or maybe you've got an idea for an e-volunteering project? Great, then you should definietely submit it to the Discover e-volunteering competition before June 30, 2014! :)

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