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All you need to know

Can non-EU based NGOs apply for a grant? Can I use a grant to improve existing e-volunteering project? Find out!



What kind of projects can be submitted to the competition?

1. Ideas for new e-volunteering projects.

2. Exisiting e-volunteering projects, that you want to improve.

If you are not sure, if what you have in mind (or what you already run) is an e-volunteering, do our quiz and find out! Quiz is available in DutchHungarianItalianLatvian and Polish.


Who can take part in the competition?

NGOs (non governmental organizations) from Europe: Albania, Andora, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cypr, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Monacco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom


What are the stages of the competition?

Detailed information can be found in the General info section and in the Regulations.


What can I win?

4 grants x 2000 euro. 

Important! 3 winners of the competition will be nominated by the International Selection Committee and 1 winner will be chosen during the on-line voting on Facebook!


Where can I find more information on e-volunteering?

First of all, check our mash-up on e-volunteering:


Then, visit News section - we prepared few articles for you, that may be helpful (e.g. definition of e-volunteering, how to prepare great e-volunteering project, types of e-volunteering, corporate e-volunteering). 


Moreover, on the you can find many articles dedicated to volunteering done via the Internet and a database of good e-volunteering practices.


And if you want to try being an e-volunteer or to find e-volunteers that can support your organization, visit - our social media platform dedicated to activists.


Have you got any other questions you'd like to ask before submitting the application? Feel free to contact us or write a comment below!

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