Tuesday, 01 July 2014 08:23

When surfing in the Internet becomes an e-volunteering

Sometimes we don't even take it into consideration, that what we do, is an e-volunteering!


There are a lot us, who undertake some sort of activity while surfing in the Internet. We are on-line almost all the time (at work, at home, on the bus), we use several social media platforms to stay in touch with others, we search for information, learn, entertain.

Moreover, there are a lot of people, who uses the possibilities created by the Internet in order to do something good. They, for example, set up and activates virtual communities and encourage them to cooperate in order to share information, give support, solve some social matter.

They can be both organizations (e.g. NGOs) and individuals, which decide to change the WWWorld for the better thanks to the power of ICTs (information and communications technology).

Those of them, who undertake such activities in a voluntary and non-paid way we can call e-volunteers/ online volunteers/ virtual volunteers/ cyber volunteers – people, who share their knowledge and time and creates real, common good, accessible for everyone – in fact, Internet overcomes barriers of distance and time.

If you want to check, if a project is or is not an e-volunteering project, do our short quiz and then submit your project to the Discover e-volunteering grant competition – 4 grants x 2000 euro are waiting! The deadline is: July 15th, 2014.



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