Thursday, 31 July 2014 08:30

Case study Thursday - meet CTK Rijeka from Croatia

Case study Thursday - let's have a closer look at e-volunteering. Meet the winner of the previous edition of Discover e-volunteering competition.


Center of Technical Culture Rijeka won the 1st Prize in Discover e-volunteering competition (2013) for innovative and successful usage of the Internet in order to connect and activate people at different ages, as well as distribution of the knowledge about city of Rijeka by using new technologies.

How to connect walking tours around the city with network activity involving seniors and young children at the same time? 

‘Our Town - to Know It is to Love It’ seems to be a reliable answer. The project represents a mean of connecting and activating people at different ages, with special emphasis on socially excluded groups (such as seniors, children and youth). Walking tours around Rijeka town are organized monthly with the goal to familiarize the public with the rich, but often neglected, town's cultural heritage. At the same time they are tied to journalism, photography and video production workshops, providing the attendants with the chance to use their skills in practice. Photos, reports and videos covering the walks are published in e-newspaper Rijeka-in, as well as in a specially formed e-club, a virtual platform for sharing multimedia materials as well as knowledge and experiences about Rijeka and its heritage, for all those included in the project. Participation in the virtual life of e-club motivates the members to expand on their IT skills and share information about Rijeka, which makes them to become involved in creation of a common goal - sharing knowledge of the town’s history!



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