Friday, 01 August 2014 11:25

Employee e-volunteering?

Nowadays in many companies employees undertake social projects. One of the ways of engaging them are internal grant competitions. In Poland they are becoming more and more popular.


The main aim is to encourage employees to look around and find institutions or organizations that they can support by their project. Employees cooperate with schools, orphanages, NGOs, where they help to organize events, conduct workshops on some specific topics connected with their job and many, many more. The company, in addition to professional support and engaging other workers who want to get involved, provides financial support for the project as well.


Imagine those employees as e-volunteers who share their skills and knowledge with others with no need of financial support. You don’t need to go anywhere to organize webinars with students at school, you just need your computer and access to the Internet. What is more, it will take less time as you can do it at home or in the office. Some companies give their employees ‘time for volunteering’ during the week (just some hours to spend on different volunteering actions) – maybe it can be used that way?


Just think how many opportunities and ideas can be created in the Internet. Share that what you do in your job – your experience and skills – with others and change the WWWorld!



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