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E-volunteering LAB

On November 13th - 14th Finalists of the 3rd edition of the 'Discover e-volunteering' competition met in Warsaw during the E-volunteering LAB. How creative two days we spent together!


E-volunteering LAB participants consisted of two groups: the Finalists of the Discover e-volunteering competition and 5-people-team from Ukraine, who supported Good Network Foundation in the 'E-volunteeing Handbook' project, financed by Regions in Transition - RITA program. It was a unique opportunity to share the experience and learn something new!


DAY 1st, November 13th, 2014

The Finalists of the Discover e-volunteering competition had a chance to meet before E-volunteering LAB on our Facebook group, but of course we had to give us all some space for networking at the beginning of workshop!




Then, after a coffe break, we started to talk about virtual volunteering. 


E-volunteering step by step

Jayne Cravens  - internationally recognized expert on virtual volunteering, shared her experience on how to set up an effective e-volunteering project step by step, from recruiting volunteers and preparing tasks to evaluation and ending the cooperation. She highlighted few important aspects of the cooperation with virtual volunteers, e.g. how to overcome most typical problems.




Safe online cooperation

Kamil Śliwowski from Fundacja Panoptykon emphasized the importance of preparing volunteers to behave safely in the virtual workplace. 



Creative Commons

All of us prepare many educational and promotional materials and it is nice to share our work and experience with others. This is why Kamil Śliwowski and Filip Rak (Centrum Cyfrowe) encouraged participants to publish their work under the Creative Commons licences - for our common good.



After such creative day we went to the restaurant to taste traditional Polish cuisine - i.e. pierogi :)




DAY 2nd, November 14th

On the 2nd day the E-volunteering LAB was hosted by the Orange Foundation from Poland, the co-organizer of the Discover e-volunteering competition at Miasteczko Orange (Orange City). The participants were welcomed by Ms Jadwiga Czartoryska, the President of the Orange Foundation from Poland.



Online promotion and communication

Marzena Kacprowicz and Beata Borowiecka (Good Network Foundation) gave introduction on the advantages of using social media to promote e-volunteering projects and then Yuriy Antoshchuk and Anastasia Grishko (TV Union) and Kateryna Poliakowa and Victoriia Hrenova (GURT Resource Centre) shared their experience on how to use ICTs to communicate with volunteers and donors.





Aleksandra Roczek and Justyna Cyrulik (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) showed the advantages of using different crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for e-volunteering projects.



It was a huge dose of knowledge!

Now the participants have got 2 weeks to rework their ideas for e-volunteering projects, submitted to the competition, and win 4 grants for their implementation. We're crossing fingers!




Photo gallery:


E-volunteering LAB was co-financed with the "Handbook on e-volunteering" project:

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