Discover… the partnership!

There’s another important aspect of the ‘Discover e-volunteering’ competition: the network of European partners. Partners are the local discoverers, who promote the idea of e-volunteering and search for the best practice in their countries. You can join our network!




















How to become a competition partner?

1. Read the descriptions of both kinds of partnership on: and Guidelines for cooperation.


2. Visit:


3. fill in the application form


4. and wait a while for the results of the Call for Partners!




Or maybe you'd like to support the competition as an E-volunteer and translate the website from English into your national language? It is really easy - texts are pretty short : from 900 to 2500 characters, and the advantage of having the competition website in your national language is priceless - thanks to you it can be accessible for everyone in your country!

How to do that?

You can download texts from here and then contact us, or  just register on and fulfil e-volunteering microtasks called "Translation of the Discover e-vlunteering competition website" :)

Text part 1

Text part 2

Text part 3

Text part 4

Text part 5

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