mercredi, 09 juillet 2014 03:02

Become a master in microtasking!

Share your complicated tasks with e-volunteers and have them done in a faster, simplier and more creative way!



Mikrotasking is an activity, which involves the division of a complex task into micro ones. It takes approximately 15 minutes to 3 hours to accomplish them. The tasks can be done by a large number of people from the outside – the crowd; this is why microtasking is often a synonym of crowdsourcing or... e-volunteering, when tasks are done by the people, who act in a voluntary and non-paid way. Of course, you need to put some efforts to prepare for the cooperation with e-volunteers, but once you have your own microtasks mechanism prepared, it is a great experience! 


Furthermore, getting familiar with microtasking can be useful not only now, when you're preparing the application to the Discover e-volunteering competition, but also in your other projects - all of them cointains tasks, aren't they? :)


So, ready to become a master in microtasking? :) Click and watch our short guide!



And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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